Picking house paint colours

Picking the paint colours can be difficult and confusing. Picking the wrong colours can make your house seem flat and featureless, or can overwhelm the architecture. Skilful use of colour can disguise design flaws, boosting the appeal and market value of your home. How do you find that magic colour combination...here are some tips.

USE LIGHT TO ADD SIZE: Light colours make a building look larger, and white is the favoured colour for traditional classical architecture. You can add to your home's sense of size and dignity by using white or a pale cream colour

DARK COLOURS CREATE DRAMATIC EFFECTS: Dark bands of trim will make your house seem smaller, but will draw more attention to details. For example on older style Victorian homes, the darkest paint is often used for the window frames.

DISCOVER COLOUR SHADES: Contrasting colours will draw attention to architectural details. But, extreme contrasts will clash and actually detract from details. To be safe, try creating accents by using a darker or lighter shade instead of a different colour.

DECIDE WHAT YOU’RE USING THE SPACE FOR: This will impact the colours you choose. 

Hallways and entrances …work well with bright bold colours like hot pink aqua and yellow. 

Lounge rooms, offices and libraries …are areas designed for peace and quiet so cool tones like blue, grey and green work well and have a calming effect. 

Living areas…need a neutral palette so you can add accessories and bold coloured furnishings.

The mood you want to create in each room depends largely on the colours you choose.
Relaxed atmosphere…choose neutral shades of taupe, brown, green, beige.
Bold and flamboyant…choose clean saturated colours like acid yellow, orange or bright pink.
Reflective…colours include soft shades of grey and brown. Stimulating colours…can create the right mood in the right room…try rosy pinks and peaches, yellows, aqua and greens.

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